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Looking After Your Piano

A good quality piano should last for many generations.

Some basic rules to extend the life of your piano:

1. Keep your piano closed when not in use.

2. Keep liquids away from the piano.

3. Keep the piano away from direct sun.

4. Do not place the piano near a damp wall.

5. Wipe the keys with a dry cloth before and after use.

6. Wash hands before use.

7. Tune your piano at least once per year.

8. Have the tuner make regular adjustments, before he tunes it, to the piano.

9. Keep the piano covered.

10. Keep the piano away from salt air.

11. Regulate your piano action at least every our years.


The Correct Temperature & Humidity For Your Piano


Most manufacturers agree that the ideal humidity for a piano is between 50% and 70% and the ideal temperature for a piano is between 15 to 25 degree Celcius."


"Watch out for excessive humidity. Shield your piano from moisture. Avoid swings in humidity. Avoid excessive dryness.. Too little moisture is as equally harmful as too much." - KAWAI

"Some settling and adjustment to local environment occurs of itself in this new piano. In addition, after a certain amount of use, the new felt and leathers "pack in" and cause minor changes in regulation. It is essential then' that any new instrument must be thoroughly tightened and re-regulated after certain period of use. The appropriate timing of this service would ordinarily fall somewhere between three months and 12 months after date of purcahse." - YAMAHA

"Once your piano is properly balanced, after its "breaking in period," yours will be a perfect instrument." - YAMAHA