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Piano Sizes and Designs

Spinet or Cottage Piano 102 x 112cm High 1460 Wide Weight 180 to 200kilos
Student Upright Piano 105 x 109cm High 1470 Wide Weight 160 to 180kilos
Professional Upright Piano 121cm to 127cm High 1500 Wide Weight 200 to 230kilos
Deluxe Professional Upright 131cm or 132cm High 1540 Wide Weight 220 to 270kilos

SILENT & DISKALVIER PIANOS - switch from accoustic to digital and play 24hours.
Practice silently late at night or anytime with Yamaha Silent or Kawai Anytime Pianos.
Silent or Anytime Pianos can be switched from normal piano to digital piano. Ideal for late night practice or practice in a common room where others do not wish to be disturbed or you do not wish to be disturbed by external noise.
Feature MIDI, Record and Playback.
Disklavier or Disklavier Silent.
Also available is the Discklavier - Silent Ensemble
Outside View - Professional Upright
Inside View-Strings, Frame & Pedal Trap work
Rear view-X Framed Backposts in Custom Yamahas & Grotrein Steinweg Pianos
Inside View of Upright Piano Practice Felt. Activated by the middle peddle.
Final Technical Preparation Prior To Delivery
Upright Action Regulation. Must be done prior to delivery for all new & used pianos. All pianos need regular action regulation. The time between each regulation is dependent on the quality of felts, hammers and the amount of use.
Upright Piano Voicing for all new & used pianos. Can be done prior to delivery or after delivery, once the piano is in its home location. Regular voicing could be undertaken with each tuning.

Upright Pianos should be located 10-15cm away from a dry wall
The piano should be kept away from, damp, direct sunlight or heaters.
Grand Pianos
Grand Piano with Lid Open to project the sound.
Grand Piano Soundboard & Strings
A key feature of a grand piano action (roller action) is that it works against gravity
The touch of an upright piano differs to that of the Grand piano. The Upright (jack action) works with gravity.
Grand Piano Sizes - Measured from the front of the keyboard to the back of the piano.
Domestic piano or better known as baby grand From 140cm to 178cm long.
Professional grands From 1830mm to 2000mm
Semi concert grands for small or large halls. From 2100mm to 2300mm
Concert grands From 2750mm